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Directors Choice, LLC provides a full range of management, financial, and consulting services to our clients.


  • Electronic File storage of official association records ensuring protection of sensitive and important documents in the event of fire, flood, or other disaster.  This also improves our efficiency and reduces your cost due to elimination of excess storage space!

    Attend annual membership and Board of Directors meetings
  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices, agendas, proxies, ballots and other materials needed for membership meetings.
  • Assist in the preparation and distribution of meeting minutes.
  • Prepare and distribute welcome packages to new property owners.
  • Recommend and obtain quotes on insurance policies as required by the Associations governing documents.
  • Negotiate maintenance and service contracts on behalf of the Association.
  • Handle all mailings, notices and correspondence on behalf of the Association.
  • Assist with preparation and distribution of letters, bulletins, and newsletters.
  • Assist with enforcement of the Association's governing documents.
  • Maintain and provide access to all Association records.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week.
  • Provide responsive customer service.
  • Assist Homeowners regarding questions and issues.
  • Maintain accounting and Homeowner database.
  • Issue violation notices in accordance with the Association's enforcement procedures
  • Process Lease and Sales Applications with credit and/ or background checks per the Board's direction
  • Process Estoppel Requests ensuring the Association's interests are protected at all times


  • Propose and distribute the annual fiscal budget for the Association.
  • Prepare, review, analyze, and distribute monthly financial reports.
  • Maintain the Association's operating and reserve funds in an interest bearing account.
  • Collect and deposit assessments and take follow-up action on all delinquent accounts per Board direction.
  • Mail coupons/statements for the collection of member’s assessments.
  • Assist CPA with annual audits, reviews, compilations and taxes.
  • Process and pay all expenses incurred by the Association as funds are provided by the Association and approved by the Board.
  • Make recommendations to the Board/Treasurer on investing surplus and reserve funds.


  • Make recommendations to the Board on common area maintenance.
  • Perform regular property inspections and report back to the Board.
  • Review work provided by sub-contractors/service companies prior to invoices being processed.
  • Issue work orders/service requests made by the Board.
  • Assist in drafting bid specifications for work to be done.
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the Association.
  • Solicit Contractors bids. Arrange for maintenance and repair as required by the Association's governing documents.
  • Use bulk buying power whenever possible to obtain the best price for the best products and service.


  • Work with legal counsel and assist with amendments to the Declarations and By-laws.
  • Propose Operating and Reserve budgets as required by Association's governing documents.
  • Propose rules and regulations for common area and amenities.
  • Propose collection policy.
  • Assist in obtaining bids for landscaping, insurance and other common area maintenance as required by the Association's governing documents.


  • Customizable Community Association Web Site including private and secure log-ins for owners and residents.  Owner and resident account information is available online as well as message boards, e-mail message capability to all owners and residents, downloadable forms and applications.  Owners can make payments on-line with credit cards or checks and Board members have secured access to reports, accounts receivable authorization and more!
  • Assist with Reserve Studies
  • Assist in dispute resolutions.
  • Assist in Developer transitions.
  • Assess and file insurance claims.
  • Act as Association witness in legal proceedings.
  • Interview, hire and oversee on-site personnel, if required or requested, on behalf of the Association.


This site is provided by Directors Choice LLC Community Association Management
3784 Progress Avenue, Suite 107 Naples, Florida 34104
P 239.877.7457
F 239.791.1076
E-mail: directorschoice@comcast.net